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Self worth

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-12-03 5:29 PM

Anxiety Community


hi :)

Ashley -> Health Educator

2021-12-03 5:28 PM

Depression Community


Isolation and Social nerves


2021-11-25 3:47 PM

Anxiety Community

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2 months ago +3 grassdigger 4 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 3
manager pretty much of bulling

Morning All

Long story and didn't get whole thing typed out without tears.

i have worked at a supervisor job for 22 years, same employer , same old run down shop, had same manager for 15 years. nothing changes. Always wanted or expected to be on call 24/7 for dept. I guess it was going ok, got used to it. didn't realize till Aug 11th this year that it had got to me some bad, super depressed. Working in a small shop with another supervisor of 7 years who i do not get along with and don't talk to. we email back and forth 10' apart in a office. Any way long story short this season had been harder to deal with, more jobs expected to be done, limited budget to spend, COVID issues, more staff not wanting to do jobs that are asked. I am the only constant in this whole time, so i know the area and dept like the back of my hand, they know that i know all of this, have never given me time to write things out. get shut down and end of October and transfer dept

I got called to a meeting , the position i am in was supposed to become full time year round, at meeting i got told the position will not be this year but i will go back the the old winter position. ( figured out that i was so relieved about that) in meeting i got told my Dept of 6 reg seasonal staff and 6 summer students , had bad moral and a negative attitude. So i sat and listened explained my thoughts on current staff. When i left the meeting i was upset/ frustrated, but continued for rest of day. Thinking about stuff in evening and next morning. I went in for half day after meeting and texted manager that i wanted to take Thursday afternoon and Friday shift off. got not problem. Then on the Friday am i sent and email to my manager that it was really short notice but i would like to take the next week off on personnel days/mental health time. Well 4 hours later i got a email back, asking who was going to cover my next shift, my oncall, and about 6 questions of stuff that where really silly and at the bottom it said "enjoy your time off" well ok. then because i didn't find anyone to cover and neither did my manager . i got a call in afternoon about things not done.

i had it at that point and went to the hospital and saw dr about stress, was in tears. Sent the pic of note to manager and HR dept. got email back from manager with list of things , who was doing what, she was at cottage, didn't deal with anything.

I took the week off, got online with out EAP program, no calls from employer asking if ok. took the next week off on planned holiday. came back asked for another week off with a dr note ( took 3 days to get). best part had an appointment with dr but then it was a locum who doesn't even know me. seeing a councilor and doing online program, going ok, struggling. now this week my employer emailed asking if i was back to work, as dr note didn't give a date. so i replied and thought i set up a phone call for 10am Wednesday to talk with HR. no call no emails back yet and it is Friday. Can't see or talk to my dr till end of October, note not clear so looking like have to go back to work.

Things i have figured out when off and after the meeting, the manager, the shop and the other supervisor are causing my stress, they are my triggers. Question : Why am i doing something that after 22 years nothing has changed and doesn't look like it will change. the only thing i can see in the 22 years it has run me down and caused most of my depression. Now i think the only options are asking for transfer out of that shop/whole dept to another shop and step down as supervisor. (less money but maybe less stress) Only 8-10 years till can retire and have figured out that there is NO way i can continue in the current Dept.

Just not sure how to ask and will be super frustrated if when wage review goes through at end of 2021 and job goes up in money. Will find out next week if the employer has hired a NEW director to replace the current manager.

I want to thank everyone for reading this.


2 months ago +6 grassdigger 4 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 2
manager pretty much of bulling


Thank you for your support. i currently have a dr note and i am off for a bit been 4 weeks now, started 5th today. Thought i was ready to go back part time, then had a call with HR, realized part way through call i wasn't ready, teared up and shake voice talked to her.

Yes that is only option i see, they are not going to be happy or want me to leave, i have been running it and holding things together, for 22 years. I think they have almost realized in all those years i have never had the time to write/type out everything that gets done. there are still jobs i would just go do and no one knew.

I have given it a lot of thought,and really discussed with my wife. Problem being i really don't even want to talk to my boss again, so telling her i want out is going to go bad. i will be in tears because i have given all this time to a dept and really cared and have little to show for it. Sorry alot of people in the community associate me with this position so it shows but not to employer per say. Thinking just apply for other dept positions as they come up and talk with HR and other dept Manager to get moved over winter. Get or have other position in placed before i hand in my paper saying i am done.

I haven't decided how to ask or even request a transfer, there are currently no positions in other dept. I transfer over in November, really looking forward to it. Have end date for current dept. and then have two weeks holidays booked. Then go to other dept for 2 weeks then got word that i have a surgery booked for Nov 30th so off for 6 weeks again. sucks in away. sitting around is hard for me.



2 months ago +4 grassdigger 4 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 2
manager pretty much of bulling

Hi Ashley

Well thank you again for support. i just got word today that there is a internal position in the other dept. working on resume and cover letter. will apply and see what they say. They have never wanted me to move, I have applied for other positions (6 times, twice each shop, to move to different shops as foreman, always turned down for less qualified staff) for years wanting to move on. Now need to change and have to take a step down to do it.

As for boss will have point form notes ready, she is likely mad at me right now for the time i have taken off and i left her hanging in Aug by not answering her questions. She will be waiting for me to go back to answer everything she can't, will have a bunch of budget questions.

It might even be a email at this point, not sure how she will take it, guess they have a choice. Either i can move positions now for permanent and still be on staff to answer questions or in the spring when they will force my hand of cards.

I am still pissed at the way she tried to deal with me wanting time off. felt bullied and harassed by her emails saying i needed to find staff. PS the other guys are likely pissed at as well, they have had to step up and do everything.

Just being off and away from it is a relief, but know i have to return at some point, want to finish some of jobs that started, not wanting to be a quitter.Always liked to see thing through.

Waiting to talk to Dr. still, but have a plan in mind of going back or half days, for a week and have enough time (hours) that i can work just mornings for the whole month of October.


a month ago (Edited a month ago) 0 grassdigger 4 logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo logo 0
manager pretty much of bulling

Hi All

Well I have been offered and took the other position, change positions at end of October, well after 2 weeks holidays at first of November.

Didn't have to tell my boss, anything. it came out on a email, saying 2 of us from one dept accepted the other spots.All the manager said was congrats on your new position and guess all the stuff left over will be dealt with by a new supervisor. Didn't seem impressed but who cares at this point. Mind you the manager is being replaced next week with a new director and is changing job title anyway.

felt good to accept the other position and know i was leaving, $6 a hour is tough but no supervisor problems to go with it.Couple of health issues caused by stress to deal with then moving on. Then manager didn't even call me as to which shop i was going, until after i found out through gosssip.

not sad to be leaving

Thank you everyone for the support and help with this.