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The (lets for now just call it the lounge) aria is mostly for off topic to the rest of the forum (I belong to a Gaming Forum and a Computer Forum) both have a Lounge its a place were all members can post about everyday life - eg The Weather where they are, (Pets) Dogs, Cats, What did you last buy online, What made you happy today, What are you listening to, What's for Dinner and there are 100s of titles ... and then there are thread games 100s of them ... The Lounge is a lighter side of any Forum and can encourage members who are uncertain of what to say or shy to say to start posting. To start it off Admin would need to make a new section called something like The Lounge where new threads can be made by members, it's the members themselves that build a Lounge and it becomes a part of the Forum community.

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Hi Everyone,

John gave us a great suggestion of creating some different forum headings and topics. Perhaps this will get some more activity in the community. For example, having a forum called "The Lounge" where people people can post games and fun stuff. We think this is a great idea and we wanted to let everyone share ideas of different forum or thread headings. What forums would you like to see added?

It would also be interesting if people would like to make themselves responsible for regularly posting in certain threads or forums. For example, in the past we had a member post about members' successes, another member posted a regular (non offensive) joke. Is there something you would like to contribute to regularly?

Let us know and we will be making these changes in the near future.



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