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How to rebound


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I am so sorry you are dealing with this. It sounds very confusing and heart breaking. I am not sure why she got the police involved. Did she feel unsafe?

Right now all you can do is take care of yourself. Divorce and separation are incredibly hard. The fact that she did it so abruptly and seemingly without warning makes it even more upsetting. Focus on trying to eat, sleep and exercise. Exercise can really help your body process all the stress hormones that are likely circulating your body. Focus on taking care of yourself and your pets.

If she won't talk to you, consider journaling your thoughts or posting here. If you absolutely need to talk to someone consider calling a crisis line or set up telephone counseling.

You are experiencing the hardest part right now. You will get through this. Please try to take good care of yourself.

Has anything changed in the last few days?


I don't see many people in this community or posting threads.

I'm still in complete shock... I thought my life was going fairly well, I had my health, a decent job and was happy coming home to my beautiful wife and pets every night. Until one night she wasn't there.... no response to phone calls or text messages. After I call the police to report her missing, a few hours later I get woken up at 1:30 in the morning by 2 police officers. Fearing the worst...I open the door and they give me a piece of paper telling me I have to leave my house immediately. That was 48 days ago... My wife who had been suffering depression due to Covid, not being able to see her sons, her father recently passing away and not being able to go see him before he passed ect... She had me removed from my own home, not allowed to communicate with her directly or indirectly and not allowed to return to my home. Now she's filing for divorce...??? How did this all happen?

I still am not able to talk with her and that is the hardest part because communication is so important for me. Now I find that I'm getting more and more depressed. Especially when my lawyer says my wife has filed a petition for divorce. The only thing keeping me going right now is that I did find a new place to live and got my dog and her puppies delivered to me. I have to work full-time and look after five 4-week old puppies and my wonderful dog but I can see she is depressed too. She doesn't understand why we are living in a new place and where her mate is or my wife.

If people are out there, please talk with me. I moved to a new province in 2019 for a job hoping to get me into the airlines quicker and then Covid destroyed that dream. Not able to make friends and being far away from my friends back home in the GTA has made things very difficult. I just need people to talk with and or to meet.

Anyone out there?

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